Monday, October 03, 2005

Names Under Which I Have Apparently Left Comments on Other People's Blogs
...According to my Browser's Auto-Complete Function

Barry Gibb
Bill S. Marbles, Esq.
Bwana Marbles
Chef Paul Prudhomme
Citizen Marbles
Cornelius and Zira
David or maybe Keith Carradine
Deep Throat
Detective John Kimball
Dick Cheney
Donald Rumsfeld
Dr. Hung Lo
"Dr. Z"
Emmanuel Lewis Rukeyser
Encyclopedia Brown of Sex
Ennio Morrocone
Father Marbles
Glove's Labour's Lost
Hans Christian Andersen
Herr Doktor Marbles
J.-C. v. D.
Jennifer Lopez
Joe DiMaggio
Justin Timberlake
Kim "Long" Jong "S"Il"ver"
Klaus von Wulad
Kobe Bryant Gumbel
Langston Marbles
Lower Wackelpudding Drive
Mackintosh Man
Marbles, Prince of Denmark
Maria Shriver
Mary Kate
Mel Gibson's Hamster
Michael York
Mike Piazza
Mr. Marbles-Bitche-Dogge
Mr. Marblevich
Nick D.
Patricia Heaton
Patrick O'Marbles
Phil Jackson's Favorite Stripper
President Marbles
Robert Urich's ghost's cat
Robin Williams' dog
Roger Clemens
Saint Marbles of Assisi
Saint Marbles of the Cross
SeƱor Marbles
Sgt. Slaughter
Spuds McK.
That Marbles Kid from IT
The Dale Earnhardt Jr. of Blogging
The Eyes of Laura Marbles
The Karim Garcia of Lewd Suggestions
The Puker
Toby Keith
Tom Hanks
Tom Seaver
Ty Cobb
Vern Q. Redstate
Whiny Bitch
Wolf Blitzer