Wednesday, November 09, 2005

I'm On a Photo Kick, Bear With Me

There really is a lot going on in this picture. Firstly, we see Mayor Gavo (1) and his "estranged" wife (2)--that's the Chron's word, not mine (since we here at WULAD was raised by our Pappies to believe that whut God done joined, none can separate, and that goes double for the gays)--anyway, the cat seems to have dragged M(r)s. Too-Good-to-Stay-with-a-Small-Market-Liberal-Pariah back to her old stompin' grounds as soon as the opportunity for some hob-nobbin' with the Royals (that's U.K., not K.C.) presented itself. However, you'll note that she's got her arm around Hizzoner's back (3), whether genuinely or to avoid drawing the wrath of that paragon of marital honor, Prince Charles (4).

You'll further note that this display of stand-by-her-manness has obviously made such an impression on His Horsey Majesty that he is in the process of prodding her estranged boob with his royal finger (5), perhaps hoping for a little belated prima-nocta action.

One bystander, however, sees this for the foul ruse that it is, and silently lets his face express his disgust (6) and sadness as he recalls the pomp and promise of the Prince's first wedding, followed by a wave of grief for the departed Princess, followed by an uncontrollable surge of passion as his mind is unwittingly flooded with memories of the plethora of fantasies featuring the young Lady Di which fueled his epic rounds of adolescent self-abuse.

Lucky for you and me, some intrepid photographer (7) was there to capture the intricacies of this frozen instant.