Friday, November 04, 2005

Wrapped Up Like a Rehashtastic® Friday!
Several weeks ago I promised that Fridays, for the foreseeable future, would be given over to celebrating the greatness of things I've already done. And, through no fault or attention of my own, I've let you down. But I hereby resolve in the name of all that is holy to get back on that Rehashin' Wagon and spin out some brand-new old material to send you off into each and every weekend. So here, from the Olden, Happy Golden Days of September 2004, it's...

Unsuccessful Spinoffs from the Milk Duds® Franchise

  • Wheat Duds
  • Sour Cream & Chive Duds
  • Chilean Sea Bass Duds
  • Conceptual Art Duds
  • L’Duds Au Lait
  • Gefilte Duds
  • Milk C.H.U.D.s
  • NutriDuds with Gingko Biloba
  • Racial Purity Duds
  • Antibacterial Duds
  • Chalk Duds
  • Goat Milk Duds
  • Advanced Whitening Duds
  • Jihad Duds
  • Andro Duds
  • Body of Christ Duds
  • Chemo Duds
  • Yo Yo Dudz in Da House, Know What I’m Sayin’?
  • Ritalin Duds
  • Breast Milk Duds
  • Poison Oak Duds
  • Ass Duds