Thursday, February 16, 2006

Fun with My Girlfriend's Family, Vol. MXCVII

Or, "Spiders Ate My Skin: a True Story."

As C-Baby's parents headed out the door last night after paying their first (relatively painless) visit to our new house of sin, a small spider tried to sneak in over the door mat. (This is in contrast to my old neighborhood, where instead of a spider, it would've been a pooping homeless person or twitching pair of his-and-hers speed-freaks screaming at each other.)

"Look out, there's a spider," C-Baby said, and her mother immediately moved to step on it. C-Baby quickly stopped her, saying, "don't--they're good, they eat bugs."

Her mother, who is an endless source of ESL-themed humor, looked at her sideways, her foot still hovering over the interloper, and said, "yeah, and maybe later it come inside and eat you skin!"