Friday, June 16, 2006

Stuff, Things

I know I said that The Bible II: Heretic Boogaloo would be comin' at you live at a rate of one chapter per week: what you've got to understand about that, however, is that I was totally lying. Nevertheless, it will come, though you may have to fidget in expectation for a bit between installments. (Sounds like my college years!)

In other news, ever since I've been slacking at this website, the Mets have been rocking like a hurricane. Which means that any attempt by me to update more frequently could be catastrophic to a team whose fans have suffered much in the past. (And last I checked, there's no "WULAD" in "team.")

But for the time being, expect our crack editorial staff to keep up the same rate of two pretty-okay posts per week, which, considering the thousands of man-hours the WULAD Wreadership spend elsewhere, should be plenty 'nuff to keep you going until the Mets start losing or I get fired or both.

In further other news, here is a sign I recently saw on an airplane which made me think I was becoming dyslexic:

... alternate explanations? Spit 'em out.