Thursday, July 20, 2006

The Lurd Works in Mysterious Ways

According to this article, some dude in a camo T-shirt has an alligator with the word "GOD" divinely emblazoned on its scaly hide--which I would agree would be pretty cool, and possibly evidence that the Lord is still alive 'n' kickin' and puttin' out a beat-down Okeefenokee-style to all the haters like Nietszche and the Po-Mo Crew, except for one thing:

The gator's skin clearly says "GUD." So is it a genetically-engineered ad for a magazine or a manufacturing company? An attempt by Charles Darwin or some other deceased secular humanist to mock American Christians from beyond the grave? Or perhaps even a warning that everyone should Get Under Desks? We leave that determination to the reader, with a gentle remider that the fate of one's eternal soul may well rest on this decision.

In any case, you should all read your Bible II on a daily basis; for it is truly the Wurd of Gud.