Thursday, August 24, 2006

Rerun Week: Thursday!

Whoa! Is it Thursday already? I'm the ghost of Fred Berrys Past, your guide during the stroll down bloggery lane known as WULAD's Rerun Week (brought to you today by Stanley Steemer). If you get the chance during your busy schedules, stop by to see WULAD's creator over at Junkiness—he misses you. Now, on to today's re-edition...

Only Remaining Available Band Names

  • The Garlic Hairballs
  • Boswell's Life of Johnson and the Boswellettes
  • Yomama Bin Laidout
  • Da Inteztinal Diztrezz Boyz
  • Vehicular Flanslaughter
  • Fightin’ 63rd Armored Battalion Gay Band
  • Plutonium Jockstrap
  • Screwin’ Puppies, featuring Zamfir
  • Wile E. Qadhafi's Original Rhythm & Blues Revue
  • Our Band Name, Which is to Say the Name by Which We Call Our Band (OBNWITSTNBWWCOB)
  • Navahogasm
  • Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Codpiece Jesus Jesus
  • The B0110010101100001tles
  • Emmett Otter's Double-Penetration Christmas
  • Koran Koran
  • Joseph Campbell and the Power of Funk
  • Matzohdeth
Names Removed from Above List When, Upon Fact-Checking, Discovered to Be Actually Taken
  • MC Sellout
  • Eczema
  • Yellow No. 5
  • DJ Shithead
  • The Haircuts