Wednesday, November 08, 2006

One More Damn Thing to Read

I'm back to contributing semi-regularly to the Cacophonous Cavalcade of Comedy that is Junkiness, so I encourage all WULAD Wregulars to try making it a part of your daily routine along with shaving, composting the boss man's food scraps, and working in the re-education camps.

While sporting a crack team of contributors (of which I am only one of a talented handful, and the least productive one at that) and easily making the coveted "Technorati 25(,000)", Junkiness has had some difficulty building a reliable and interactive Commenter Corps.

For example, after a furious election-aftermath output of a dozen quality posts, the site received a total of ONE comment, which read:

normally I like nearly everything on, but I found this tacky and tasteless.
Oh no she dinn'nt! So you can see why the site is desperately in need of the kind of quality peanut-gallery responses we get here at WULAD, such as:
It's really weird to see a news article about the killing of a friend's fiance on a site I read and laugh at all the time...
Oh no she dinn'nt! Or
I loved The Great Space Coaster! I remember The Beautiful Actress Sally Struthers of the sitcom All In The Family Guest Staring on this 1980's children's t.v. show. TGSC cast joked that Puppet Goriddle Gorilla had a big crush on Actress Sally Struthers. When she came on the show as a guest star, Goriddle Gorilla told her that he was in love with her. Sally Struthers then held him by the chin. Later on alone, Sally Struthers and Puppet Goriddle Gorilla sang a song together that went: "Just The Way You Are!" Sally Struthers is such a kind person! She has such a pretty face...
Oh yes he did(dd)!

So head on over, read some smartass stuff, and give us your tired, your poor, your muddled sasses yearning to screed free... [Please stand for National Anthem.]