Friday, December 15, 2006

WULAD Web Wround-Up

The W. W. W.-up drops unexpectedly into town just in time for the holidays, to drink all your brandy and eggnog, guilt you into buying gifts, and tell dirty jokes to your children! Let's begin.

  • T-shirts and other fine merchandise emblazoned with the emblem of the Church of Tivo (which I designed back before I had to switch to that Comcast shit DVR machine which is to Tivo what Blimpie's is to 2nd Avenue Deli) are available at Junkiness, along with a variety of holiday and celebriwhore-themed items. Head on over and buy many of them.

  • Speaking of Junkiness, I put up what may be the single most objectionable thing I've ever written there today. Feel free to read it and then send me letter-bombs.

  • I'm moderately pleased that CariDee won. I'm looking forward to seeing Melrose on the home shopping network sharing that fake smile with the bedridden credit-card addicts of the nation. Either that or on a Simple Life-style reality show with Jade.

  • Remember what I said about Terri Schiavo and the right to die? I may have to take it back.

  • Our favorite celebrity-spanker single-handedly resuscitates the genre with this one-act play.

  • Happy Hanukhah! (from C-Baby)

  • Reminder: If you subscribe to the notorious WULAD xml feed, you need to update the feed URL. See below for the nerdy details.
Have a good weekend, and try not to stick any dreidels up your ass!