Tuesday, August 12, 2003

If You Don’t Run for Governor, Don’t Complain
It’s been an introspective day here at WULAD… we’re starting to realize that maybe we’re not among the front-runners for the recall election. Some of you may point out that WULAD is not even officially registered to be on the ballot, or that it’s not actually legal for a weblog (and a fairly unheralded one at that) to run for governor—but those of us destined for true greatness can’t always be bothered with the little details. While we’re not ruling out making a late run as a dark, dark, almost pitch black, so-freaking-dark-you-can-barely-see-it horse, our attention has now shifted to the vigorous competition among the remaining 196 or so candidates to secure the coveted Wrapped Up Like An Endorsement.

While there are no clear favorites as of this writing, we did receive a watermelon this morning from Gallagher, with a note describing it as a “goodwill gesture.” Fruit is fine (no mangoes please) but money talks, people. I would also accept a State chauffer, a Hustler subscription, “Diff’rent Strokes” memorabilia, a Hummer, a hummer, or nude photos of news columnists. In the name of democracy, my inbox is always open, folks.