Thursday, September 04, 2003

That New Blog Smell
Just when you thought the Pentagon couldn’t get any more horrible. If I see one of those things at my funeral, I implore anyone present to promptly discover a method for reanimating dead tissue so that I may be resurrected and then can beg to be killed again, naturally after playing taps myself on a real instrument and smothering the offending electro-bugler with my burial jacket.

The paragraph following this one will deal with baseball. You are welcome to skip it, although this does not negate your obligation to read anything following it studiously. In the future, I may explore strategies such as posting baseball-related items in a different text color, but I view this as a last resort since it is my goal that my interests—all of them—become your interests, and that one day the one-sided but many-faceted virtual community that is WULAD will be one seamless and unassailable monolith of common cause encompassing the entire spectrum of Yours Truly. Or as I am fond of telling Chocobaby, my world is your oyster. On to business.

The rookie-laden Mets, who in the opinion of my boss should be headed for the Triple-A World Series, swept the mighty, smug, best-record-in-the-game Atlanta Braves, who stopped by Shea for the three-game drubbing on their way to the NL East title and the playoffs. While the Civil War-style rivalry has lost some bite since 1999 (when über-goat Kenny Rogers walked in the winning run in game 6 of the NLCS), it still gives me more pleasure to watch the Mets beat the Braves than watching them beat any other team with a name not starting with “Y.” The Times has an incomprehensibly negative take, while Mark Hermann of Newsday believes this augurs well for the future of a franchise that, as little as three months ago, seemed headed for years of misery.

Non-baseball fans start reading again now! Hopefully everyone approves of WULAD’s new look—I think you’ll agree that a non-tech-savvy soul such as myself is better off with the “blogging for dummies” approach here at Blogspot, although I never had a problem with Diaryland and wish them well. Onward and Upward!