Friday, February 27, 2004

WULAD Web Wround-Up
So the Cubs fans electrocuted the Bartman Ball. If I may quote from my post at the time of the incident in question:

Cub fans... the guy who caught the foul ball is not your enemy. The eight runs you coughed up after that are the enemy. (This is similar to Red Sox fans blaming Bill Buckner for losing the ’86 series when in reality a) at the time Mookie’s grounder rolled through his legs, the game was already tied, so they would’ve had to go to extra innings even if he’d fielded the ball cleanly; and b) it was Game 6, so they had a whole new day and a whole new lead to blow on their way to that unhappy fate. So leave the guy’s kids alone already.
But if laying the blame on supernatural skullduggeries allows you to accept the shattering of your most treasured dreams with a modicum of aplomb—and so far, it doesn’t—then electrocute away. Sorry you couldn’t get the paperwork to fry Bartman himself, like we all know you wanted.

Speaking of shattered baseball dreams, here are some gorgeous sunrise photos of Boston Harbor, from

And speaking of more shattered baseball dreams, a cheery report from Mets camp—in the Post, of all places.

Finally, on the continued creeping horror of committed loving couples marrying each other, the Onion is all over it, as usual. “Massachusetts has one of the highest concentrations of gay households in the country, at 1.3 percent, according to the 2000 census. Under the new laws, the figure is expected to increase by approximately 98.7 percentage points.”