Tuesday, March 02, 2004

Wrapped Up Like A Public Service Announcement
Day job requirements will unfortunately prevent any further posting this week; come back next Monday for the return of a rejuvenated WULAD. Before I leave you for the week, just a few brief notes on items in the news:

  • The correct response to the steroid debacle would have been for MLB and the players' union to get serious about testing a long time ago—track and field was all over that shiznit back in 1988 (if it were up to MLB, Ben Johnson would be a gold medalist)—or by last year's agreement at the very latest, when it should have been clear that the writing was on the wall. Instead, they dodged the bullet, and now the public's demand for martyrs and scandal will bring down some of its most brilliant stars, who were after all only doing what practically everyone else was doing. The game will be severely damaged, again, and it will have only its own institutions to blame. Cheers!

  • Hey Californios—if you haven't already, get out and vote for My Main Man John Kerry in the primary today, and vote "Yes" on Propositions 55–57.

  • Happy Birthday to C-Baby! This isn't in the news, but it should be.
Back in a flash...