Thursday, February 05, 2004

WULAD's Wbest of the Wrest
“Have you ever checked out [Such-and-such a website]?” I asked Belle the other day. “It’s on my links list.”

“I never check out anything unless you point it out,” she said. Assuming that this may be true for others, the WULAD Web Wrelations team would like to direct our readers to some recent additions to the phantasmagoria of internetertainment and webedification available to the right of your screen (left of screen for readers in Southern hemisphere). These will be especially valuable during the next few weeks, while the WULAD Wcreativity Wcouncil is battling decidedly non-blogtastic demands and cannot post as frequently as our voracious customers would prefer.

So, just to name a few of the Linkeratti who have recently turned our collective head:

  • Danger Blog is chock full o’ fascinating reading related to comedy and humor writing, with a focus on its behind-the-scenes aspect; it is of special interest to people who aspire to cause others to poop their pants and develop aneurysms from laughter.

  • Tower of Hubris is by an actual As-Seen-On-TV comedian with a reputation to protect, and therefore has a high standard of quality, as demonstrated by its propagation of this.

  • Pathetic Geek Stories, formerly of the Onion AV Club, carries heart-rending, tear-jerking, pants-wetting tales that will either remind you of the bad old days or help you to better understand that special dork/dweeb/spaz (Reformed or Orthodox) in your life, and why he/she still gets upset when you mention kickball.

  • The Sneeze tackles such age-old problems as the lack of a definitive international schoolyard insult resource and whether it’s safe to eat fourteen-year-old promotional cereal or dog treats.

  • This is probably news to nobody, but just in case: all you need to know about the unstoppability of fighting, filing, war, and bears named after famous religious tracts, found here.

  • Yankee Pot Roast and Eyeshot are carrying on the short/amusing fiction work of the late Haypenny. Someday WULAD will get around to submitting something to them.

  • No mention will be made of the baseball blogs because I’m convinced I am the only visitor to this site who reads them. But hey playa-, owna- and manaja-hatas: spring training is just around the corner. You can run but you can’t hide.
So happy clicking! And don't say we never do anything for you.