Friday, April 30, 2004

Some Links, and Also an Anecdote to Start Your Weekend
I wouldn’t call this a WULAD Web Wround-Up—more of an informal conversation regarding some things collected in a round-up from the web and presented to you informally and coversationally by WULAD, said conversation not being under oath in any way. We’re just chatting here. Informally.

First: Amy Blair serves up a nice steaming helping of Crème d’Craigslist at Black Table.

Now, it’s not enough that U.S. troops tortured Iraqi prisoners—they had to make them dress up as Klansmen, too? (I know. It's not funny. Disgusting, yes; Surprising, no. But what can you do? Which reminds me of some graffitti I saw scrawled on a newspaper box recently: "You all have blood on your hands!" Fuck you, I didn't vote for him. This is San Francisco, dumbass—nobody did.)

Lest you lose confidence in our military however, the Air Force demonstrates that it is finally getting its priorities straight. Send that thing to Falluja and it'd be over real fast.

And it warms my heart to know that WULAD is near the top of the list of sites which come up while searching for “I was so hairy that people thought I was 20, but I was only 14.”

Yawn. You Mentioned an Anecdote...
Right. I was getting to that. Cab driver this week, as we careen around a corner and barely miss a large shouting woman in the crosswalk: “Heh heh. Was she black? She sounded black.” I think about this for a second, but before I can answer he says, “Ah, she’ll get over it.”

But before I go:

Said WULAD Wregular HPG of this personal ad: "Don't you think that if'd you'd really read the book you'd at least know the correct title?" But look at the picture, HPG. Good weekends all around...