Thursday, June 24, 2004

Breaking News, as Gleaned from Blogger’s Recently Updated List

  • Thai Foods Confused by Coworker
    But Mitigated by Lack of Cost, Says Witness
    “She said it's Pad Thai (my favorite) but it looks like Pad See Ew to me because of the wider noodles,” according to a fellow employee. However, she added: “Yum. Free food, yay!”

  • D-Type Flip Flop Toggled
    Reports Indicate Remaining Circuit Also Powered
    “There's also a section on the circuit that debounces the push of a button and then toggles a D-type flip flop,” said one observer. “This receives power from an unswitched power supply, when the user hits the pushbutton it turns on a solid state relay that powers up the remaining circuit.” These reports are unconfirmed at this time.

  • Foreign Language Utilized
    Seems to Refer to Current Movies
    “Tentu saja versi Hollywoodnya jauh lebih indah dan serba luar biasa,” said one commentator, in a language not English. However, “Unsur komedi, drama dan romance dimasukkan ke dalam kisah yang tragis ini untuk menghasilkan tontonan ringan yang menarik.” Indeed.

  • Blog Created at Friend’s Urging
    To Be Updated Later, Says Writer
    “This blog is made because my friend told me to make it. But that I'm learning how everything works it looks it looks pretty cool,” the site’s proprietor announced Thursday. Upon further inquiry she added, “... this is all I can think of to write so I'll update later>”.