Friday, July 09, 2004

WULAD Web Wround-Up
Monkey Disaster points out this interesting little political spy-site, which allows you to learn, for example, that one Jerry Seinfeld of Bronxville, N.Y., a “self-employed entertainer” (likely story), gave two grand to John Kerry, after earlier giving two grand—and getting his wife to give two grand—to General Short Guy. Or you can experience the sinking feeling of discovering that a relative of yours—or even worse, someone sharing your exact name—has been lining Bush’s coffers. Ah, and look here—some guy named Mel Brooks gave $2,000 to some guy named Howard Dean. I guess he was trying to be funny. This proves, of course, that Jewish comedians control the American political system.

Meanwhile, Norbiz, riffing on a recent blog craze, has got some hilariously negative Amazon customer reviews of widely acknowledged classics.

I tried following the lead, and I admit that it can be entertaining to read Joe Blow’s assertion that Crime and Punishment “is despicable and could only be called a classic becuase it is old” or that Sgt. Pepper’s “stands as a monument to the self-righteous, bloated image of the horrible baby-boomer demographic.” It might not be so bad if the reviewers just didn’t like the work in question, but most of these people have some culture-warrior axe to grind, or are intent on heroically exposing the Emperor’s new clothes:

Apparently, a lot of modern young musicians have looked to Nick Drake for inspiration. That sense of despair, that sense of loneliness, irrelevance, that kind of thing... Maybe that's one reason why they walk around like tramps, loud-mouthed and stupid. The search for individuality has surely drifted into the hands of ignorant swine.
After a while, however, it just becomes depressing to be confronted with all of that. Personally, I’m much happier ever since I stopped paying attention to the opinions of people I disagree with. Sure, there’s room for everyone under the big tent, and differences of opinion are what make us human, and so on. But I’ll gladly let other people keep track of what the yahoos are saying and just give me the lowlights. God Bless America or whatever!

Finally, from C-Baby, proof that romance is not dead. Until next week...