Monday, January 10, 2005

Bill Safire's got a piece up at the NYT today demonstrating exactly why he's being put out to pasture, the essence of which is

  1. God sends tsunamis so we can prove our faith in God; and

  2. It's OK to be pissed at God for doing this.
This is why religious people drive me up the freaking wall. And yes, I know Carlos Beltran, the new apple of my eye, is religious and likes Bush and so on. But I pay his ass to hit home runs and steal bases.

Speaking of "paying" and "ass," I've got a gig tomorrow night that is guaranteed to leave you feeling as reinvigorated as George Steinbrenner's ulcer. (In case that's unclear, I mean very reinvigorated.)

WHO: Ian's Great Googly-Oogly Jazz Quintet (featuring the All-Star lineup of Adam Shulman, Fred Randolph, Jon Arkin, and Evan Francis)

WHEN: Tomorrow, Tuesday the 10th, 5:30-8:30 p.m.

WHERE: Where else? The House of Shields, New Montgomery & Mission, SF.

HOW MUCH: Significantly less than $119 million. Come on down!