Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Behind the Curtain
For many readers, I'm sure WULAD seems to consist of a fairly simple equation:

1. I create mildly entertaining content, forge the uncreated conscience of my race from the smithy of my soul and so on;

2. You come here, to my website, and read it; and

3. That's it, really.

But for other readers, this explanation simply won't suffice. "How does it really happen?", they wonder. "How does this pretty ok stuff that we read make its way through the digital wilderness of Al Gore's internet here to my virtual stoop?" Well, such inquisitive types are in luck——today, we unlock these mysteries.

Without further etc., we proudly reveal to you these hitherto hidden secrets and expose this intricate web of connections, interconnections and... anywho, here it is: