Friday, June 03, 2005

Here Come the Pictures
The creative juices have been running dry this week, so I will be showering you with photos instead of the usual "amusing" prose (to quote some of Neal Pollack's hate mail).

First, after badmouthing Flickr last week, I've decided to set up a "photostream" there (which is like a stream, only instead of water flowing, it's pictures—Get it?) so Wregular WULAD Wreaders don't have to look at my exciting cameraphone pictures unless they want to, which they should, but in case they don't, then they don't have to. But they should.

Second, I've finally set up the bullfight slideshow, accompanied by my probably incorrect explanations. Note for the animal cruelty-squeamish: these are "bloodless" bullfights, which means that instead of the bull being stabbed with brightly colored sticks and darts, they stick to the velcro on his back. He gets mad, but not hurt. (Incidentally, I've got the same images in a set at Flickr, where they look slightly better, but don't have captions and aren't in order—which are my two big problems with that site, as I mentioned before. Anywho.)

So bask in the visual glory, and have a hell of a weekend pondering the fate of Michael Jackson.