Friday, September 16, 2005

Again with the Using a Reference to Another Site Instead of Coming Up Something
Today, WULAD pays a birthday tribute to Utter Wonder, a site which has for three years been a shining beacon of better-than-averageness amongst the crowded field of "fair-to-middling" bloggery.

(Readers may remember Utter Wonder as the victim of a vicious thrashing at the hands of WULAD in an epic battle early this summer. But that which has gone by has been allowed to remain that which has gone by, and I believe our two sites now look forward into a bright future of cooperation and slightly-faggy mutual admiration.)

Therefore, we present WULAD's official birthday greeting to U.W., and wish it many fair-to-middling returns. And presenting the official, legally-binding "Huzzah," is none other than WULAD's favorite charitable fundraising crotch-exposer, Paris Hilton!

She's not coming? Ahem. Well, if Ms. Hilton was here, I'm sure she would gladly and earnestly say unto you a phrase which she often says unto me, usually accompanied by a hearty slap on the backside: "Huzzah."