Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ye Olde WULAD Mail-Bagge, vol. MXCVII

I realized this morning that it had been quite a while since I opened up Ye Olde WULAD Mail-Bagge, so I hopped over to the soon-to-be-relocated WULADmail account to see what sort of digital detritus and electronic effluvia had accumulated in the internettal interim.

Aside from some helpful pharmaceutical advice from my good buddy "pjxki9yn@valleyint.com," I also had several emails from Dale, a Minnesota-based watchmaker-in-training and website-proprietor who has a fondness for naked women and a non-fondness for Christians. The first item he passed on to me was this:

I can only assume that, while realizing the comic potential of the unusual juxtaposition of headline and photograph, Dale was hesitant to make light of the tragedy reflected in the actual content of the image, but realized that I, on the other hand, have no such compunctions (especially while guest-hosting on someone else's site). Personally, I believe it's possible to feel sympathy for the families of civilian war casualties, while simultaneously imagining that the woman in the picture is screaming and waving her hands in horror (or is it celebration?) that a baby's third arm has been removed. ("Give me three-armed babies or give me death!", and so on.)

Tension--it's what the modern sense of humor is all about. Just ask popular comedians like Damon Wayans and Patton Oswalt's wife.

Dale's second tip concerned the recent one-sided war of words between the members of the 1970s rock group Steely Dan and Luke and Owen Wilson regarding the possible plagiarizing of a song plot from said band for a new hit comedy featuring one of said Wilsons in a thong. WULAD Wregulars may remember that every time I hear a Steely Dan song I want to punch somebody--but I realized, reading this tidbit, that I was being too generous: it's not just hearing the songs. Every time I so much as think of Steely Dan I want to punch somebody. Think about it--Steely Dan. Don't you feel a surge of violence growing in your gut? Don't you just want to smash something over somebody's head? I think this is the sort of thing Mr. Dan & Co. should be worried about--not whether one or more Wilsons may have turned some crappy song that never should have been written into some crappy movie that never should have been made.

That about does it for this week's edition of Ye Olde WULAD Mail-Bagge! Do you have a question, concern, or hot tip for the WULAD Editorial Team? Send it along to [acronym for this website] [at symbol] [abbreviation for America On Levitra] [period] [first three letters of "comedy"]. Good luck with that one, you fuckin' Spambots!