Friday, October 19, 2007

Spider-Man 4: Directorial Showdown!

I did another Cracked post today which you might enjoy:

spideywoody1.jpgAfter spending the past eight years developing his own unique ass-groove in the director's chair of the Spider-Man series, Sam Raimi has decided to give another ass a shot:

Raimi directed the first three movies and wrote 2007's Spider-Man 3---but the filmmaker is stepping back to let someone else create their own vision for the web-slinging adventure.

Since Raimi didn't mention any potential candidates, I decided to gaze into my crystal ball of smartass conjecture and envision how the next Spider-Man adventure might look under the helm of seven fine directors, and compile that information in a handy chart, suitable for framing. (You're welcome, Sam.)
To read the chart, which features potshots at directors from George Lucas to Woody Allen, and which I spent way too much time on, click here.