Friday, January 23, 2004

Clash of the Nerd Titans
Well, evidently the epic battle of the blogs known as BlogMadness ‘03 is underway, and WULAD’s entry—Wrapped Up Like a Personality Test (selected over other favorites by our executive editorial committee after a lengthy deliberation)—has been seeded 28th in the “Sports” bracket. (We’re told that both seeding and bracket assignment are arbitrary.) Our competition in the first round is somebody who quotes Jeopardy in his title, and while we definitely have the edge on word count and general snarkiness, the other guy references several old bad songs, which should earn him points with the sentimental crowd. We have no idea how exactly the winners are decided, but you can be sure we’ll find a way to complain about it. Unless of course we win. Stay tuned for further updates on this all-star rumble in the internet jungle.

(Let it be noted that WULAD realizes that in twenty years, we’ll be all be listening to a 250-lb. Britney Spears read scripted one-liners about blogs on I Love the Zero-ies. Good weekends all around...)